Using a carpet cleaning company based on their equipment.

There’s no question that your carpet cleaning machine used needs to be adequate to achieve a high level standard of clean in order to achieve the best professional outcome but the company you choose also needs something else!  

  • Employees who are trained and skilled at operating the equipment. Numerous companies own hot water extractors but very few companies actually teach their employees how to use them safely and properly. 

  • The only way to actually know if the carpet cleaning company and their employees are individually qualified is by asking to see proof or find out who they are qualified with and ask for their unique number which you can then check on line. They should individually be qualified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) or the owner of the company.  


Using a carpet cleaning company solely based on a low quote.

Low quotations could potentially be a problem here’s three examples:-

  1. Low quotations are used as a typical sales tactic to entice you to phone but then once the cleaning company is in your home they will then pressurise you into a much more expensive job. 

  2. Low quotations can be for just a single process clean. They are aware that most consumer are unaware what this means.  Once it’s explained most consumer will ask for the dual process instead, which obviously costs MUCH more. 

  3. Low quotations basically means the carpet cleaning company has cheap equipment (which perhaps they’ve even rented from their local DIY store), these low budget cleaning machines cannot match the cleaning performance of the superior machines designed solely to remove most of the soil and contaminants and therefore they will leave the least amount of residue behind.


Using a carpet cleaning company solely based on a single telephone call.

It is always recommended to invite the carpet cleaning company to your home or office and ask for a specific written quotation. Then you’ll know exactly what the carpet cleaning company recommends for your carpets and upholstery (don’t be victim of a high pressured sales tactic).  

As a matter of protocol all reputable cleaning companies will tell you that they need to inspect your carpets and upholstery first, so that they are able to offer the best service possible.  This needs to be done for several reasons as not all carpets and upholstery are exactly the same, they are different. In order to achieve this they will assess your carpets and upholstery onsite, looking for any contra indications that could affect the cleaning process a few examples would be badly fitted carpets, pulled threads known as snags. They will also be assessing your carpets and upholstery for fibres what’s it made from, the level of soiling and stains.  Once your carpets and upholstery have had a thorough examination they will discuss their findings with you and ask you what your requirements are and if you would require an anti soil protector!  Only then will they be able to measure up your carpets and give you an accurate price, with no hidden cost.


Using a carpet cleaning company who doesn’t offer a money back guarantee.

All carpet cleaning companies should offer a money back guarantee as they need to be fully accountable for their work and as a consumer if you aren’t happy with the outcome in anyway, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

You will notice that a non qualified or reputable company will not offer this guarantee and they will explain to you that not all stains will come out! This makes me upset as the consumer is non the wiser and will except on face value what they are told, trusting that the carpet cleaning company know what they are talking about but in reality its an excuse to safeguard themselves as to why not all stains where removed.  Unfortunately, however in most cases the stains left, would have been easily been removed if they’d had the proper training and expertise.


Using a carpet cleaning company without getting any comments from his other clients.

Any carpet cleaning company can talk the talk about previous work they’ve done but sadly some of what you are told, may not be true. Always ask for references and read up on their reviews but be mindful of the fact that some reviews might have been submitted by consumers (that understandably are unaware of how their carpets and upholstery should have been cleaned, the correct procedure) and they will be understandably commenting on a single process clean but is it clean?

The answer is unfortunately, NO!  It’s a great sales tactic used to gain consumers trust, showing a heavily soiled black carpet and then by using a wet extraction process the carpet looks clean.  To entice consumers even more you will be shown the dirty water from the carpet and that added with a cheap price consumers are the sold hook line and sinker because what is there not to like, right!

I can’t deny to the untrained eye it looks amazing, it looks fantastic but unfortunately, its not! Yes, it will get out some soil as they show when emptying the dirty water from the machine but it won’t remove all of the pollens, chemicals, bacteria, mould spores and dust mite residues and it will most likely leave soil attracting residues back into the carpet which after a few weeks will reappear and your carpet will be back looking like it needs a clean.  The consumer however will be unaware of this and will assume its normal soiling due to everyday life! 

Now you are more aware and have a little more knowledge then before about carpet cleaning you can use it to your advantage so that you make the right choice and be aware in future.