Can’t breath, sneezing and watery eyes?

Facts on what you should know about allergy problems and what to do to solve it!

Over the past 20 years allergies like asthma have caused distressing symptoms of allergen sensitivity especially in our children. It’s estimated that over 50% of our children have an allergy of some kind which won’t be diagnosed until they are fully ‘sensitised’ by then the allergy could be with them for life.  Do you recognise these symptoms?

We don’t necessary recognise symptoms with allergies as they are common symptoms such as sore throat, red itchy eyes, sneezing, wheezing, sinus pain, coughing, runny nose, red eyes, itchy eyes and sore throat can all indicate an underlying sensitivity to the allergens.  The increase has been blamed on pollution in the environment and pollution indoors.

In this country until recently professional carpet and upholstery cleaning has been regarded as a cosmetic job for years and years of grime often carried out by unqualified people using inadequate equipment.

It has now been recognised as a vital importance through out the world and improved through knowledge and techniques.


  1. No one has ever found a cure for Asthma although The British Allergy Foundation has described it as the most common chronic childhood medical condition.

  2. In the Highlands of Scotland Allergy Suffers is growing so why is it blamed on pollution in the UK?

  3. Establishing an allergy-friendly environment is the first step in avoiding the increased risk of exposure for our children.

  4. In offices millions are lost due to employees becoming ill with headaches, runny nose, itchy red sore eyes and sickly sore throat.

  5. heirs scientific proof that it’s not just Rhinitis, asthma and eczema that is caused from the faeces of dust mite allergies, symptoms can be sore eyes, runny nose and a tickle cough.

  6. To transform your life you need professional advice, professional deep cleaning and PROmiteTM protection it will not be resolved by removing your carpet and cleaning using a conventional upright or cylinder hoover.

  7. PROMmite is a patented product clinically tested and proven to create an allergy free home or work environment by safely removing the house or work dust mite from your carpets, upholstery or mattress and protects your furnishings, it doesn’t just remove food source.