Did you know that the carpet cleaning industry is not regulated and that in fact anyone can call themselves a professional carpet cleaner, without having any qualifications?

Chemical can be very dangerous for your carpets, pets and health if not used correctly and without the knowledge of how they should be properly removed from your carpet.

You must of heard of nightmare stories where low priced companies bully consumers with hard core sales tactics and not using the correct methods for cleaning carpets or furnishings they have been left with a huge bill and their furnishings and carpets have been ruined.  It is hard when searching for a carpet & upholstery cleaner on line to know if they are fully qualified unless they have the recognised NCCA logo.

Our carpets and rugs act as a filter grabbing any contamination from the air or by our feet as we walk.  Like any filter once it’s full it needs to be cleaned or the contamination will release back into the air.

EPA’s guidelines suggests that for a healthy indoor environment cleaning your carpets should be undertaken every 4 to 8 months depending on you household and whether you have allergies, pets, smoke and the number of people living in your home.  By using a professional company that’s NCCA trained you can put your mind at ease as you needs will be assessed using the correct equipment and procedures to eliminate any contamination and put you and your families mind at rest.