Carpet Pre-Cleaning Guide

You won't regret selecting Complete Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning to professionally deep clean your home or office.

We want you to have the best and safest experience with the least amount of inconvenience possible. The following are some guidelines in how you can help us, to be able to carry out best health and safety practices when cleaning your carpets and upholstery.

  1. Any room that requires our cleaning service will need to be free from personal items such as children’s toys, breakables, collectables, small tables and chairs. If large items are to be moved for cleaning underneath, they should be free of any heavy items inside the unit or any breakables for example lamps, ornaments, antiques and glass! 

  2. We are assuming the environment has been free from any possible coronavirus infection and if this is the case, we will proceed to vacuum the area using an upright with HEPA filters which will reduce the opportunity of redistributing particulate. 

  3. If it is convenient for you, we would appreciate being able to park our van close to the door in your driveway or parking immediately outside if at all possible. This will help us with the amount of equipment required to bring into your home for the cleaning experience.

  4. If a child is going to be present in the home during the cleaning, we require an adult of 18 plus to be present during the cleaning services.

  5. We would appreciate it if you could take steps to secure any floor length curtains onto the windowsill or curtain tracks using coat hangers prior to our arrival. This procedure prevents the fabric from directly contacting any damp carpets during cleaning procedures.

  6. Complete Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning have truck mounted equipment and will often need to connect to an outside tap. If this is the case can the area be clear and safe for our operatives to get to please. If water is required for our portables, we will need access (usually) to the kitchen sink.  As we are still working to the government guidelines it will be necessary to remain two meters apart at all times therefore if this is the room you would normally isolate to, it is suggested that another room should be chosen to enable everyone to comply with the government guidelines.

  7. Any equipment that is used in your home will have been sanitised prior to being brought into the home. 

  8. We will be wearing appropriate PPE which will usually be nitrile gloves, a mask or visa and overshoes coverings.

  9. We would ask that anyone staying in the property will remain in a separate room to where we are cleaning or perhaps you might want to venture out to ensure we all continue with our social distancing.

  10. During the pre‐cleaning inspection, please tell our technician about any cleaning concerns that you may have, particularly those regarding spots or stains. Our cleaning technician is trained in specialised spotting procedures and can evaluate soils and make appropriate commendations.

  11. We will wipe all touch points with a sanitiser.  As indeed all carpets and furnishings will be Post-treated with a sanitiser which has been approved to European standard EN14476:2013 + A2:2019. Killing up to 99.9999% of microbes and coronaviruses including SARS – COV2 which causes the COVID-19 illness.

  12. Hopefully you will understand that our technician may turn down the offer of tea or coffee. 

  13. We encourage BACs payments however should cash be the preferred method of payment the money would need to counted out in front our technician and then placed into a sealed envelope or bag.

  14. It is also very important that all people and pets are kept away from the areas being cleaned and treated both during the cleaning process and during the drying process. 

Everything we have put in place has been done to safeguard you, your family and our technicians.  All we now ask from you is that you please contact us as soon as possible, if you are aware of anyone in your home or office who has been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19 or if anyone, is presenting any signs of having Covid-19, so that we can reschedule your clean for another day, thank you for understanding and of course we will notify you likewise.